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CTC, Chenoy Trade Centre is biggest computer bazaar in twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. stores related to sales, up gradation, service ,Rental and sales & services available for computer shopper.Advertisers can contact us.

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Our aim is to deliver cost effective quality products, services & solutions to customers.
computersctc.com provides information regarding ctc computers repairs, sales and services. CTC is all in one for computer shopper. computersctc.com also helps online shopping. computersctc.com is a computer bazar and computer show. computersctc.com is a computer exhibition for sellers and purchasers of twin cities. computersctc.com provides information about computer rentals. computersctc.com provides information and phone numbers regarding computer dealers in parklane, secunderabad. computersctc.com provides information regarding markets of secunderabad computers systems.

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